Yes, YOU Can! It's Not Crazy, it's TRUE!!!

Troposphere Radio and Troposphere Records Introduces:

Hi Friends:

We are so proud and excited to have Randy Berlin with us here at Troposphere Records! He is an amazing talent, he is important to us, and we are going to take good care of him! 

Randy has lived all over the world, including England, the US, Canada and now in Mexico City. He has a real international presence!

You don't have to worry about him running out of songs anytime soon, he has written over 800 songs and has 6 albums ready to do final recordings on! Together we will be very busy!

As you can see from the videos he made before coming on board with us, he is an awesome talent!

Here is your chance to get on board with Randy!

Now you can become a member of Randy's Inner Circle. Here is what you get:

1. An autographed photo of Randy. (The first 1000 will actually get it autographed personally by him!)

2. A beautiful membership certificate. Both the photo and the certificate will have a seal of authenticity so you will be sure you are getting the real thing!

3. New videos are released to you a week before going into general circulation!

4. You will get exclusive members-only photos and videos on a regular basis.

5. Discounts on Randy's merchandise like t-shirts, phone wallets, limited run CD's and records, etc. New things will be added regularly, including special limited run items for members only!

 6. Exclusive access to the Inner Circle blog where Randy will share his thoughts with you.

You get all these great benefits and get to be a part of his awesome success story for only $21.95!

Thank you for your support of Randy! He cares about each and every one of you!

Most Sincerely,

Timothy Buss, Troposphere Records

(If you are one of the first 1000 to get the personally autographed copies, please allow 6-8 weeks to get your photo as Randy is often on the road meeting his fans! The wait will be worth it!)

This is a song that Randy originally wrote, of course, for you, his fans, but did this video as a tribute to moms all around the world! Amazingly, he played all the instruments and even recorded the video by himself! Soon though, we will be having them all done professionally! 

"I want each and every one of my fans to really benefit from the music I create. It truly means so much to me to know that I am making a difference."

                                                        Randy Berlin

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