Being an independent musical artist today allows us to do amazing things that a few years ago would not be possible. But we need to get noticed to become successful.

Troposphere Radio is dedicated to allowing independent artists another opportunity to put your work listened to and promoted, and to keep listeners coming back for more.

So how can we help you to become more successful? We have a number of ways. First, of course, is to get you airtime with the station. This is great a promotional opportunity and it is free.

So how do you get your music on our radio station? 

Simply fill out the form on the right. We will listen to your music, and if it fits the station format we will put on the best song from those you have available. Even if your musical style or songs do not fit, we have many other ways to help you become successful.

Since we do not charge for our costs to operate and promote the station, you agree that the song selected for play may be used in compilations of 15 songs, that are sold for $5.00, solely to fund the station. You retain all rights!

So go ahead and fill out the form and get started. Remember to only send a link to your music.

**To be fair to all artists and bands who want to be heard on Troposphere Radio... All artists or bands seeking airplay must complete the online application, and submit it for consideration.**