NEW Release - EP "True North - Kalimba Songs" by Whittney Mikkél

Los Angeles, California

Orange County solo songstress Whittney Mikkél artfully marries the contemporary with the traditional in her upcoming EP "True North - Kalimba Songs". Set for official release across digital platforms on June 1st 2018, her newest series fuses cerebral female-fronted indie pop with earthy world music flavors, bringing the stories and poetry behind her songs to life.

In 2015 Whittney fell in love with the serene yet percussive sound of the kalimba and started incorporating the instrument in her songwriting. Setting the African instrument in a contemporary context, she spent the next three years writing and producing the five-song series which explores themes of human connection, self reflection, and love. The EP's second track "Wolves" builds a composition entirely on the foundation of looped vocals and kalimbas - get a taste here:

Imagine the sultry jazz tinged voice of Norah Jones combined with the eclectic songwriting and vocal layering of Imogen Heap, set to the world beat vibe of Putumayo. “Her unpredictable approach to arranging and composing will leave you eagerly anticipating what is coming next as each song unfolds … This EP is filled with undeniable artistry and a huge dose of class.” —Darcy Jeavons, Female Mixing Engineers Music Podcast

Whittney Mikkél is a studio vocalist, pianist, songwriter, and producer, who is emerging as a unique and relevant voice among contemporary singer-songwriters. Naturally poetic, her songs are filled with lush vocal harmonies, unconventional melodies, and imaginative progressions. On a typical day you can find her at her DAW creating something whimsical.